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Tramble Denied

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Tonight's ramble started with a riddle and a promise. The riddle was, "when, other than counting backwards, does three precede two, four precede three, five precede four, and seven precede six?" The promise was for a "tramble": a walk up to OHSU, a ride down to the waterfront on the tram, and then a walk through downtown looking at the holiday lights. This was supposed to a level 4 ramble, a little easier than I usually go for (but the destination appealed to me.)

We started out meandering through the hills in SW Portland, climbing up and down staircases. I remember thinking to myself that we were spending a lot of time meanderaing when the ramble leader announced that he may have miscalculated and we might not make it to the tram - but we'd get close. Worst case, we'd get to walk under some snowflakes.

So the highlight of the abortive walk was seeing the lit snowflakes hanging from the Portland World Trade Center building. The low point was walking to the base of OHSU and seeing the tram above us, with the platform only a few hundred feet away, and watching the group turn to walk downhill.

snowflakes downtown

All in all, the walk was a bit of a let down. We ended up going slower than I wanted and not making it to the part of the ramble I was looking forward to the most. Still, maybe next time.

And, of course, lest you wonder for too long, the answer to the riddle was, "when you sort the words alphabetically".


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