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The Tetris Theme

Sunday, October 18, 2009
I think all of us who grew up as part of the Nintendo Generation would recognize the Tetris theme A if we heard it. It's an iconic part of our cultural identity, and, honestly, makes me smile - especially when I hear it in unexpected and clever places.

So, late one night, I was in the mood to hear the them and I ended up poking around for it. I found many, many versions online (of course), and thought I'd share some of the more interesting ones.

This one really impressed me. I feel like I'm listening to a geeky Mexican wedding band when it starts to really pick up. (Listen past the first three slightly-repetitive stanzas... and click here if it doesn't load.)

Then I found this one, a wonderful piano piece that really embodies the spirit of the music and, honestly, makes me want to take up the piano:

But then again, this gentleman makes me want to pick up the trombone:

It was, all in all, a successful night spent online, looking for geeky nostalgic video game themes online. Wait, I swear it's more exciting than it sounds...


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