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Movie Review: Zombieland

Sunday, October 11, 2009
I saw Zombieland last night with a group of friends. Now, my own prior documented interest in zombies aside, I was looking forward to this movie for a variety of reasons:
  1. humor + zombies = good
  2. the trailer was pretty awesome, and finally,
  3. Woody Harrelson punched a photographer and later claimed he thought the guy was a zombie!

photo hosted by reelmovienews.com

The premise of the movie picks up as our main character, known as Columbus (as in "Ohio"), enumerates his rules for surviving in Zombieland. These are good rules, rules like "Always check the back seat", "Don't be a hero", and "Buckle up". He meets up with Tallahassee (played by Woody Harrelson), the cunning and distrustful Witchita, and her little sister Little Rock. This band of misfits heads for Los Angeles, looking to find the theme park where "there are no zombies". (And in America, there are no cats.)

The movie is quite funny and enjoyable, especially for the noteworthy cameo that I'll leave as a surprise to the viewer. It occasionally drags, but not enough to be a problem and always makes up for it afterward. Also notable about the film is that it's graphic. I mean, if you ever wanted to see a woman ejected through the windshield of her van after slamming into a tow truck after not wearing her seatbelt, then bouncing face-fist on the concrete, well, this movie's definitely for you. I know I enjoyed it.

Final word on Zombieland: Definitely worth seeing, especially when it shows up at the theatre-pubs. (You might even see me there!)


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