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Governor's Park

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
I did an amazing street ramble last night. Starting at REI in downtown Portland, we went towards Governor's Park, a little-known small plot of land in SW Portland. Apparently this park was named in honor of the colorful Sylvester Pennoyer, the governor of Oregon roughly 125 years ago and mayor of Portland at some point thereafter.

The route to Governor's Park

When I started rambling with the Mazamas group I was doing rambles that were rates at a 2 or a 3 (out of a 5-point difficulty scale.) Last night's was a 4.5: the second most difficult. It was advertised as "Governor's Park (and 350 stairs)". I've done many more stairs - at one point I did the Thousand-Stair walk - but this was one of the more difficult rambles I've been on - even more difficult than Council Crest.

Part of the fun of this particular route is that, for several miles, we're basically going up and down the West Hills. We'll find some particularly challenging route up, either by stairs or by the particularly steep SW College St, and then we'll find a route down again, only to repeat the process.

The destination last night was Governor's Park, yes, but the result was rather anticlimactic. Because we're out well after dark there wasn't much to see of the scenery. Yes, we're all carrying flashlights, but it just isn't that helpful in taking in the sights of Governor's Park. Now the view of downtown Portland on the way, however...


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