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Saturday, October 24, 2009
So my girlfriend and I are spending a couple days in beautiful Cannon Beach, OR. The nice thing about going to the beach in October is that it's far less crowded than normal, and because you don't even try to count on nice weather. I'm one of those Oregonians who laughs at every tourist who shows up at the coast in shorts. It's almost always cold here; usually 10-15 degrees cooler than in Portland, and it seems to rarely get above 70 degrees.

Given all this, you can imagine that - when packing for a few days at the beach - I didn't even bother trying to bring warm-weather clothing. No sandals, no shorts - most of my clothing revolved around the theme of "staying warm" and "staying dry".

Imagine, then, my shock at being there for one of the nicest, clearest days I've ever seen.

It was amazing. Pure blue sky, the warm sun shining above, a slight breeze... and yet there was almost nobody there. It was something I've never experienced before.

I, of course, was not properly dressed for the occasion. I managed to find long pants, a thin fleece shirt, and sneakers. That's about as warm as I thought it could possibly get.

I was glad to be wrong.


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