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The 21st Amendment

Saturday, December 05, 2009
Today, my friends, I shall raise a glass (as I often do) to the Twenty-First Amendment. It was 76 years ago today that we, the people (with the exception of you, South Carolina), repealed the "temperance movement"-driven Eighteenth Amendment. We ended Prohibition.

The amendment piques my interest for a number of reason, and not just because it makes it a lot easier to get booze. As the only amendment to ever undo another amendment, it reinforces my belief, ultimately, in freedom. There will always be laws limiting our behaviors, our actions, and our thoughts. But any time those laws go too far and get too restrictive, there will be a movement towards freedom; someone will say, "enough is enough."

This principle is one that our fair country was founded upon, and it's a principle I believe in. The amendments, in my mind, should only be used to guarantee freedoms, never to take them away. (And also to update the Constitution, yes.)

So tonight, my friends, I shall raise a glass in honor of freedom, liberty, and the twenty-first amendment. I hope that you'll join me!


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