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Portland Heights

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
This last ramble that I went on was a trip to Portland Heights, which, as the ramble leader put it, "is where the super-rich went after they fled 19th street". Yes, we're talking about history.

And our ramble leader knew his history. He narrated many stories for our group, a rather sizable 20+ people - which was more than I expected given the weather. We heard about the local trees, the scandals that led to the building (or selling) of some of the historical homes there, and about the people for whom so many Portland landmarks are named. It was quite a learning experience.

Map of the trip

The ramble itself, however, was disappointingly easy. From a technical standpoint, there weren't many hills and, while I managed to raise my heart-rate a few times, the actually amount of rambling left me wanting more. I partially have only myself to blame as I went on a slightly easier ramble, as I'm getting over being quite sick last week. Still, I was hoping for more.


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