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My New Toast

Friday, June 02, 2006
It amazes me, sometimes, the things that I remember that are completely useless (or don't change my life on a daily basis, at least.) For instance I remember my two favorite constitutional amendments. The 18th amendment which enacts prohibition (what were they thinking???) and the 21st amendment, which repeals it. Not to put down any other amendments (for I surely flex some of them more than I ought to) but the fact that we wasted two amendments I personally find hilarious.

So I've decided on a new toast. We drinkers need to give thanks for the 21st amendment, which protects our right to get drunk and stupid. We need to give thanks to a country that realized that, after fourteen years (or so), restricting alcohol didn't make it unavailable; it just made it dangerous. So from now on, when I raise a glass, it'll be "to the 21st!"


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