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A Ramblin' Man

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
So lately I've been attending (as a non-member) the Mazamas Street Rambles. It's basically a big group of people that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at REI in downtown Portland (NW 14th & Johnson) and then sets out to walk/hike around Portland for a couple hours.

And it's TONS of fun!

I've been twice, now, and each one has been filled with interesting sights and interesting people. In deference to the 80+ people who show up in the summers, the group stratifies into different intensity levels; those who want a nice, brisk walk can join the "2" or "3" groups while those who want to really push it can join the "4" or "5" groups.

The first ramble I went on was rated a "2", and was mostly flat. It went over to the waterfront and down the Portland Greenway, under the Fremont and Broadway bridges, and eventually connected to the Eastside Esplanade/Waterfront Park loop. The walk was full of beautiful views and was fun - though not incredibly strenuous.

A view from a street ramble

For the second ramble, I opted for a "3". The destination for this group was the Hoyt Arboretum, which we got to through Washington Park. Being in the West Hills, this was not a "flat" walk like the first one - which suited me fine.

A view from a street ramble

I'm enjoying these walks immensely, and I plan to keep doing them. Good exercise, good people, and good times!


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