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The Joys of Home Ownership

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
I'm going to start out this post by announcing that I bought a house. Yay.

My new infill-style house.

Now, aside from having just signed the next 30 years of my life away, I've also purchased a nearly infinite array of small projects. Despite the house being less than three years old and being in fantastic condition, I find myself spending hours every night (not even having unpacked yet), fixing things and just generally trying to do it better than the last guy.

For instance, I now know what a rotational limit stop is in my showers and how, if not set properly, it can prevent hot water from being used. I assure you, I did not enjoy finding out about this. For the record, the rotational limit stop is designed as a scalding-prevention device; by keeping the water from getting scalding hot, it's keeping babies safe. However, by keeping it from getting warm, it's just making me take a cold shower. So year, I fixed that pretty quickly.

Anyway, that's just the start of the list. Since closing on it, there have been many, many late nights of painting, moving, fixing things, planning, and generally NOT enjoying having my own house.

I'm sure I'll have a bunch of house-related posts in the future now. Can you feel the joy?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear nephew, I am sure you will enjoy owning your own home, especially when you get to deduct so much off your income tax for things like interest, and energy star appliances, not to mention that $8K incentive rebate to first time buyers. You can finally live somewhere that will reflect how you want the place to look and function. Tip: roomates help pay the bills! Love, Aunt Chris

7:19 PM, February 12, 2010  

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