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The "Mt. Adams" Ramble

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Tonight's ramble with the Mazamas group was advertised as being a 4.5 (on a difficulty scale of, generally speaking, 1 - 5) and mysteriously listed the destination as "Mt. Adams".

The ramble started, as so many do, heading south through downtown towards the south-west hills. In contrast to previous rambles, we didn't dally or try to add unnecessary length to our walk; we were in it for distance and speed tonight, and we got both. While conversing merrily with a fellow walker, I realized that I both recognized most of the streets we were on and felt that we were getting more than our fair share of elevation in for the evening.

the path we took

I could tell as we were reaching the halfway point (or 7 o'clock, halfway through our allotted time) that we were getting close to Council Crest; we'd headed in that direction and there's only so far "up" one can walk in Portland before either running out or reaching that park. That's when the mystery of "Mt. Adams" was revealed; we turned onto a small side street named, of all things "Mt. Adams".

The Mt. Adams street sign

I was a little disappointed that we didn't just go to the top of Council Crest, since we walked right next to the park. I realize, however, that we were rapidly running out of time (we ended up being 5 minutes late as it was) so it's not that big a deal. The walk back was fast and direct; we just went straight down Vista Ave to downtown. Even taking the quick route back we walked over 7.25 miles tonight!

Anyway, it was a fun trip, and the conversations with other Ramblers along the way just made it better.


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