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Tramble Achieved

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
"Prepare to get wet!"

This was the phrase that launched tonight's ramble. Our goal? A ride down on the OHSU tram (since the ride down is free.) And, just to spoil it, in contrast to our last attempt, we made it on this one.

Our path was a direct one. Perhaps the torrential rains deterred any forays into the dark, often slippery staircases in that area. Whatever the reason, however, our path took us through downtown and over that direction quickly. We cruised up over the YMCA and entered the OHSU campus off Terwilliger, winding our way up there. Walking into OHSU (as one must do to find the tram) was fun; the collective squeaking of our soaked shoes on the tiles was quite conspicuous.

The tram

As always, the ride down afforded us a magnificent view of downtown Portland. The moisture, however, meant that the tram windows fogged up quite quickly and there was a little extra work involved in enjoying the view.

The walk back wasn't difficult, it was just fast. We went from the lower OHSU building on the south waterfront to Union Station, walking along the river. Walking quickly along the river. And it was only once we reached the train station, with maybe 15 minutes left in our ramble, that the rain subsided. We were all soaked. I could even feel my socks squishing in my "waterproof" boots. (Note: nothing is ever waterproof.)

At the end of the tramble, my hands were frozen, my clothes were drenched, and I was very happy to have gone. Even though it wasn't the challenge I was hoping for, it was still a lot of fun and definitely a path I'd repeat if given a chance.


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