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On credit scores and dead cats

Monday, January 25, 2010
I have become convinced that one's credit score is our modern-day Schrödinger's cat. That is, the health of the cat is directly affected by the observation of said cat and, likewise, one's credit score is (negatively) impacted by the checking of that credit score. I mean, to continue the slightly ridiculous comparison to quantum physics, your credit score is - to the outside world - completely unknown. By opening the box, the cat is killed and your credit score goes down. Does that make any sense?

I dislike that these institution have such power over our lives and that they lack transparency. Sure, I get my free credit report every year, but that's little more than a half-useless report with little actual meaning. One day I'd like to have the curtains pulled back and be able to see inside the little houses where the decisions impacting millions of people are made.

But that's just me, and I hate knowing that, by opening the box, I'm killing the cat.


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