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Black Mesa: Source

Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Hot on the heels of my Left 4 Dead post, I saw an article at Ars Technica about the Black Mesa Source project.

Black Mesa Source is a complete remake of the original Half-Life, which stands as quite possibly one of the best games ever made. I still play it every year or two, just because it's so darn fun. However, since it was Game of the Year about a decade ago, the graphics are a bit dated at this point. Black Mesa Source is the same awesome game, but with modern graphics.

If the trailer's anything like the game, it's going to be awesome. I saw this project about a year or so ago, but it seemed to be in that state of "coming soon... eventually". Now it looks like it'll be out in the next year, and I can hardly wait. Headcrabs, the resonance cascade, and Xen... the original adventure will be reborn.

Do I get geek points for recognizing every single scene in that preview?


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