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Dr. Grant Simmons

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
I wanted to take a moment to publicly congratulate my brother, who successfully presented his dissertation research last Friday to earn his PhD in human physiology and become "Dr. Grant Simmons."

my brother!

There are not many people in the world who could take a topic like "Cutaneous vasodilation at altitude: impacts on human thermoregulation and vasoconstrictor function" and, even with the word "altitude" under contention, present it in such a way that almost anyone can follow what he's saying. There are even fewer people who can present it in such a way that almost anyone would follow what he's saying. But my brother, of whom I'm so immensely proud, is one of those people.

Over the past 9.5 years that he's been at the University of Oregon, I've watched him grow from a directionless teenager to a respected scientist. The change has been amazing to watch, and the work I've witnessed him undertake has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. My younger brother has become a respected researcher in his field (I can't exactly tell you what that is, but it's true), a loving husband, and - to me - a role model.

Congratulations, Grant!


Blogger Grant Factor said...

I’m speechless... I honestly can’t get over how good I look in that picture!

No, that’s actually a joke.

Seriously, thank you for the words and for the reflection. You have been very supportive in everything I’ve done this past decade, whether you were buying me booze when I lived in the dorms or standing with me while I married my love or helping me analyze data when things got tight with the dissertation. I appreciate this and everything else that you’ve done for me.


P.S. - None of the doctors on my committee caught the typo that you pointed out within 30 seconds of opening my dissertation (at a bar).

8:58 PM, November 25, 2008  
Blogger Burton said...

First off, I'm going to publicly deny providing you with booze while you were in the dorms. Because, you know, that would be wrong, etc.

Secondly, anything I could do to help I was happy to do.

Finally, catching typos was about all I was good for, since my understanding of... uh... human thermoregulation and, um... vasoconstrictor function is fairly limited. Speaking of typos, though, I'm impressed that all of the words in the title of your dissertation are in my computer's spell-checker. :)

9:25 PM, November 25, 2008  
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