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Yet Another New Blog

Wednesday, November 05, 2008
While I have historically used this site as a sounding board for my thoughts on politics, I've decided to create an entirely separate blog for those now. Starting yesterday, I'll be blogging about politics over at No Jack Kennedy.

My goal for this site, however, isn't just to be about my politics. I'd eventually love to have other people contributing to it as well, so that a mix of views will be represented. That's in the future, though, as I need to find people to write. (If interested, contact me!)

Politics makes me cry


Blogger B-Wong said...

I'm usually not a very political person but the recent election got me all riled up. I read a lot about Obama and McCain (both "pro" and "con" arguemtitive books for each candidate).

I've posted a few of my ramblings on my blog (wastedbrainpower.blogspot.com). But, in fear of pissing off too many people, I held back (although, some may argue I did a good job pissing them off). At some point I'd like to write a little piece for your site...a diatribe on the recent election, my arguments against Obama, and why I fear we are a soft country. That is, if you need a contributing writer...

3:12 PM, November 07, 2008  

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