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It never rains in Autzen Stadium

Saturday, November 08, 2008
I had the privilege today of watching the Oregon Ducks beat the Stanford Cardinals at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, something I've not done in years.

While I'm not a huge football fan, a game is exciting to go to now and again. The Ducks were beating Stanford by a narrow margin for most of the game, even with all the mistakes they made. Yet Stanford managed to take the lead after the Ducks made a particularly embarassing series of mistakes in the fourth quarter. Watching Oregon score with 6 seconds left in the game to re-take the lead was tremendously exciting, and made standing and sitting the heavy rain worth it.

View of the field

One of the funny things about a Ducks game is that I'm pretty sure it's just about the biggest show in Oregon. With the capability of seating 54,000 spectators at a football game, I can't think of anything in Oregon that draws a larger crowd (other than The Decemberists.) Of course, that many people at a game means that post-game traffic was a nightmare - though the number of "I'm a Ducks fan" license plates that I saw bordered on humorously ridiculous.

I had a ton of fun. Thanks to my hiking buddy for taking me, and it was great to see everyone else there, too. Hopefully I'll get to go again someday!


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