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Jay Leno on Helmets

Friday, October 17, 2008
As a motorcycle safety instructor I'm on a mailing list where we occasionally share these delightful little Public Safety Announcements. Today's video is of Jay Leno and a man from Arai Helmets

The major topic of conversation is how a helmet should fit. I'll be honest; my first motorcycle helmet was a size too large. It was comfortable in the store, but eventually "broke in" and got all wobbly on my head when I'd ride. My next (and current) helmet was much better; it was very tight at first, but now has loosened up to the point that it doesn't move around - but doesn't constrict the blood-flow to my head.

At any rate, I highly recommend watching this video. If nothing else, there's an awesome crash scene in there!

Thank you, Jay Leno!


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