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Headline of the Week

Friday, September 19, 2008
My favorite headline this week comes from Autoweek.com: GM's Excitement Division is getting a Chevy Aveo.

As a major fan of irony, this headline just makes me giggle. I mean, we're talking about a car that routinely makes lists of "worst cars made" and is frequently lambasted for it's lack of acceleration, handling, build quality, or... (wait for it...) excitement.

It depresses me (as news from GM often does) that - in the same week that they unveil the Volt (which I swear isn't going to go as far and is going to cost more than they originally promised) - GM chooses to also announce the G3, Pontiac's new Aveo. I just want to speak to the person who thought this would be a good idea. I want to sit down over a beer with the person who said, "Hey guys, let's do this... it'll be brilliant!" and just ask him or her, "WTF?" Are the potential profits from this worth diluting what's left of the Pontiac brand?

However, in my quest to one day have a smaller car I'm not saying I'd never consider it... just that it's way, way low on my list, mainly for the aforementioned reasons of absolute lack of excitement, build quality, finish, etc and that almost anything else would be better.


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