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Of Pirates and Holidays

Friday, September 19, 2008
Once again, it's that time of year: National Talk Like a Pirate Day. As I've noted before, today is the day we can embrace our inner pirates and express ourselves.

In honor of today's event, here are a few more Burton Original™ bad terrible pirate jokes:

Q: What does a pirate to poison his enemies with?
A: AAAAARsenic.

Q: Where does a pirate get his Beef 'n Chedder sandwiches?
A: AAAAARby's.

Q: What does a pirate use to transport his booty from his ship to his hiding place?
A: An AAAAARmored car.

Q: What do you call a deal between pirates?
A: An AAAAARangement.

So listen, me hearties: be speakin' up, and be speakin' loud. Anyone be givin ye trouble and ye should make 'em walk the plank. And don't be tellin' no-one that you heard these jokes here. It might ruin me fine reputation.



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