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Dude... Ballmer, WTF?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
So in the midst of Apple's announcement of their awesome new laptops, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spent some time talking to the press. As was pointed out on Ars Technica, Microsoft's big guy spent some time talking to PC Magazine.

Now there's many pages to the interview and, while some of it is quite interesting, everyone once in a while Ballmer says somethings that makes you stop and say, "Wait, did he REALLY just say that?" Fortunately for us it's in print, so we can verify it.

Quote number one from the interview:
You know, anyway—can you find the applications you want on the Mac? Well, you don't really get full Microsoft Office.
Did Ballmer just say, "Macs are inferior because, among other reasons, you can't get a full version of Office?" Does he know Microsoft MAKES Office? And that, if you can't get a full version, it's likely his own fault?

Without casting too many aspersions upon the Mac BU, it's pretty obvious that Microsoft only makes a version of Office for the Mac to avoid anti-trust lawsuits, but doesn't actually make it good because they make more money if they sell Windows + Office for the PC.

Another great line?
We're going to talk about why—look, PCs are better than Macs. That is not something that can be debated. 32 out of every 33 times, somebody buys a PC instead of a Mac. I'm not saying that there are not some things that people like about Macs, apparently there are. But have you ever seen a cheap Mac? No.
I mean, without going into the definition of cheap or checking his numbers, this argument is just plain stupid. Seriously, volume does not in any way denote quality. I'm pretty sure Chevrolet sells more Cobalts than Mercedes-Benz sells C300s. Will anyone debate that the Mercedes is a better car? That it's built better, more pleasant to drive, and will last longer? No, but the Chevrolet is cheaper, so they sell lots. Would you be proud?

Ballmer, dude... just calm down there. You're driving me crazy.


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