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Peggle Deluxe

Monday, October 06, 2008
I was playing around with Peggle Deluxe, the addictingly fun puzzle game from PopCap Games. I found out they made a version for the Mac, and I'm now happy.

This game is tons of fun. I mean, you're supposed to bounce a ball and hit certain "pins" on the screen. That part's fun enough, I suppose, but it goes from good to great when you finish a level. As the ball goes in for the last hit, it zooms in, and you hit it! FLASHING LIGHTS! BEETHOVEN'S ODE TO JOY! RAINBOWS! FIREWORKS! The celebration never gets old.

The game is frighteningly fun and I highly recommend that anyone interested grab a copy (though Peggle Extreme was available free from Valve at some point, or bundled... I don't remember.) In any case, try it, you won't be disappointed.

And did I mention there are Unicorns?


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