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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
That time of year has arrived again! It's late September, so it is, of course, time for the annual Mt. Angel Oktoberfest. This year I traveled there with some friends (opting to definitely not be the driver.)

Ah, Oktoberfest. The largest collection of college-aged party-goes, bratwurst, and lederhosen to be found on the West Coast. It's a thing of beauty, with the beergarden's full of polka, accordion players wandering the streets, and little bars full to capacity with no cover charge!

Our first stop at Oktoberfest was the Mt. Angel Sausage Company, home to some amazingly good bratwurst. The sausage was worth the wait and the effort to sift through the throngs of beer-filled revelers. After stuffing myself to the gills, I then headed indoors to enjoy some beer and conversation. Mildly inebriated, I then wandered down to Frank-N-Stien's pub, just opposite the glockenspiel (which had played it's last note for the day before I got there.) The evening was filled with fun and friends - and I even ran into other people I knew!

a fried twinkie!

Finally, on my way out, I also had the opportunity to try - for the first time in my life - a fried twinkie. Now I only ate half of this delicacy, but I assure you it was the closest thing to sweet donut-y goodness I'd had in a long time. So delicious! So terrible for me!

Oktoberfest: definitely fun, and I'll definitely be going yet again.


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