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First Thursday Run

Saturday, May 08, 2010
Last Thursday, also known as First Thursday, I participated in the Fit Right NW First Thursday Run. I'm going to let you know right now that it was awesome, and then I'll fill you in on the details.

Registration opens at 5:00 (it's free) on NW Raleigh between 22nd and 23rd, and the run starts at 6:00 (it's also free). Right at 6:00 PM, in this area crowded with runners, several identical large maps of downtown Portland are unveiled. These maps have a bunch of checkpoints marked on them. The goal is to right down all those checkpoints and then run to as many as possible. At each checkpoint there are raffle tickets to be had. At the end of the run, right at 7:00, the raffle tickets are drawn for prizes (free) while the runners drink beer (also free).

The 1st Thursday Run Map

The catch? So far, I can't tell that there is one.

I was with my running group at work and we charged through downtown. They hit all the checkpoints. I'm not quite so fast, and didn't make it to the last one. Still, there were probably 10 or more places in Northwest Portland that I managed to make it to... the map says it was over 4.5 miles of running!

Before the run I went into Fit Right NW and purchased the official shirt. Wearing this shirt gave me four free raffle tickets, plus VIP access to post-run beer (which was graciously provided by Lompoc. VIP beer is provided from a separate area, with a much shorter line. VIP beer tastes better!

Did I have fun? Yes.
Did I run a lot? Yes.
Will I be there next month? Definitely!


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