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Springtime Ramble

Friday, April 16, 2010
This last ramble I went on took place on a beautiful day. Springtime in Portland means I get to experience some of the most amazing days in the world; springtime is why I love it here so much.

view over Portland from Pittock Mansion

We started by heading into Forest Park for what was supposed to be a an out-and-back with no specific turnaround point, other than just an opportunity to ramble in the mud. However, an opportunity presented itself for us to hurry up to Pittock Mansion to briefly enjoy a view, and so we hustled.

view over Portland from Pittock Mansion

We enjoyed a view for the briefest of moments, then went back. The beauty of the ramble, however, wasn't the view or the destination; the beauty and the fun in was the deserted trails we took to get there, the random path we took, and the adventure with which we undertook it. It was a perfect ramble.


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