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Movie Review: Dead Snow

Sunday, March 07, 2010
I was unable to see the movie Dead Snow on its initial release because I'm pretty sure it didn't play in the Portland area, though its awesome trailer put it on my must-see list. Thankfully, Netflix delivers.

The movie starts with your typical horror background: a bunch of Norwegian medical students leave cell phone range and hike/snowmobile into a remote cabin to play in the snow. While there, they hear a story from a slightly-crazy local about the Nazi atrocities that occurred at the end of World War II. Then then discover a trunk of stolen Nazi gold t in the cabin, and proceed to get slaughtered by Nazi zombies.

Dead Snow movie poster... thanks to IWatchStuff.com

While the film probably won't win many awards, it was a downright fun gore-fest with many important lessons in it, such as "don't sneak up behind your friend and grab them when they're in the middle of a nice zombie-killing streak." OF course, the most important lesson of all is, "don't steal stolen gold from dead Nazis".

Do I recommend this movie? Oh heck yes. It has all the pieces of an awesome film and it pretty much delivers. If zombies are your thing, don't miss this film.


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