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Movie Review: Up

Friday, September 04, 2009
So I finally had an opportunity to see the movie "Up", Pixar's latest addition to their hit collection. Yes, for the record, they've had 10 in a row, a feat otherwise unheard of in the movie industry.

Pixar Planet's Up poster

The plot of the movie focuses on Carl, a widower who attempts to go on the adventure he never got to take his wife on. With urban development encroaching on his home, he escapes by filling a bunch of balloons with helium, anchoring them to his house, lifting off and flying away to South America. Of course, nothing goes quite to plan and he has an accidental guest in the form of Russell, an eager, young "Wilderness Explorer". Hijinks, of course, ensue and we are reminded again that life's not always about the destination - sometimes it's the journey, too.

The movie was, of course, fantastic. With plenty of humor for the kids and adults (and dog lovers, too), there's an amazing depth to the characters. It's impossible not to tear up at certain moments, but that's just part of the Pixar experience and why they're the gold standard for animation studios.

I have nothing bad to say about this movie. Sitting in the theater and watching it was, well, worth every dollar paid and more. But I can only gush about one film for so long...

Final word on Up? Absolutely worth seeing, and I'll definitely be seeing it again!


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