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OMSI Volunteer

Sunday, August 30, 2009
So I've signed up to be a volunteer at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. I had a quick phone call with a woman there that I'd be working with, which was cool, and it concluded with, "Great! Can you make it to our volunteer orientation tomorrow?" In a mere 24 hours I was signed up and orientated.

small OMSI logo

I'm not going to be the greeter at the front or running the physics demonstrations, though. I've volunteered to be part of the "Evaluation and Visitor Studies" team, which does the data collection and analysis on how people learn from and interact with museums (specifically, of course, OMSI.) I'm excited about this because it allows me to put my particular skillset to good use and do something that I honestly feel is fun. I'll also get to meet new people, which is important.

Of course, that's not all...

As an OMSI volunteer, I'll get to go to OMSI, the exhibits, the attractions, and all that fun stuff for FREE! (Let's face it: one of the reasons I haven't been to OMSI in a while is that a full day there is pretty darn expensive!) OMSI is also conveniently located just south of the eastside esplanade, so if I want to take a walk afterwards, I can.

It's a win-win situation, I think. Of course, I have yet to do much more than attend the member orientation, so we'll see.


Blogger nicole said...

that sounds so fun!! tell us more about what you find

PS CONGRATULATIONS on the job!! so awesome!

6:18 AM, August 31, 2009  

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