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Movie Review: Hancock

Monday, September 01, 2008
Hancock Poster

I had the chance to see Hancock last night at the Northern Lights. The movie is about a "super"-hero named Hancock (played by Will Smith) who drunkenly fights crime in Los Angeles - just barely being less trouble than he's worth (I can identify with that.)

After he saves the life of a PR man named Ray (played by Jason Bateman), he's invited over for dinner with Ray's family. Ray's wife Mary (played by Charlize Theron) and an adorable kid seem to provide an appropriate mix of reactions (fear, adoration, etc) for the hero as Ray - believing in the good in everyone - decides to help improve Hancock (and Hancock's image.)

It's hard to describe the plot beyond that because there are really two parts to the film. There's the first half (the half that appears in the trailers) which shows the action/comedy portion of Hancock as the titular character fights his inner demons and finds out who he is (amnesia has caused him to forget much of his past) and then there's the surprising second half of the film, which is much more serious, much more hardcore, and much more interesting.

So without spoiling the surprise for anyone who hasn't seen it, I'm going to say that I really enjoyed the movie. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I actually like that in a film. I like being caught by surprise, and I like it when a movie offers more than initially advertised.

Final word on Hancock? See it in the second-run theaters while you still can!


Blogger nicole said...

Ha! did you look at our blog? We saw hancock last night too! funny

6:40 PM, September 01, 2008  

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