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Movie Review: Enchanted

Sunday, November 25, 2007
When the opportunity to see the movie "Enchanted" came up this weekend, I seized it. (Editor's Note: It's still possible to see a movie during the day for $6.25 for adults in Salem!)

The plot of the movie, made by Disney, is that a young princess-to-be, on the day of her wedding (the day after meeting her sweet prince, of course) is tricked and banished from her animated fantasyland into the cold, harsh reality of New York City. Of course, being a Disney princess, she still bursts into song from time to time and does outlandish things, all while teaching about love to (and learning about love from ) a divorce attorney. Oh, and her sweet prince has come after her in the real world and is trying to find her - though so is the minion of the evil queen/stepmother who got rid of her in the first place.

The beginning of the movie is is animated and is pretty much non-stop laughs. They do a very good job of subtly (and not-so-subtly) mocking Disney princess movies, while still managing to be one at the same time. The humor is undeniable in the film, from the stereotypical prince, full of bravado and with a habit of referring to New York City citizens as "peasants" to the would-be princess who, far from her cute, furry, forest companions, uses sewer rats, cockroaches, and pigeons to clean her host's apartment. The movie is great for the whole family - especially if any of the members like those sorts of movies to begin with.

Final word on Enchanted? You'll love it... if that's your thing.


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