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Movie Review: Into the Wild

Monday, November 05, 2007
This weekend I had the opportunity to see the movie Into the Wild at the Salem Cinema. Astute readers might remember that I read the book about 10 months ago and generally found it to be fantastic. I can now say that, in this case, the movie is even better.

To sum up, the movie follows the true story a young man who, upon graduation from college, drops out of society to pursue his own brand of freedom and eventually embark on a "great Alaskan adventure", much to the heartbreak of his family with whom he stops communicating. This summary does the actual story little justice, but I'm providing it so you can get the basic idea.

Into the Wild is compelling on many different levels. Aside from just an amazing (but true) story, the music, most of which is performed by Eddie Vedder, is abnormally well done. The cinematography is remarkably breathtaking. And, when I left the theater, I was speechless due to the profoundness of the film overall.

If you can find this playing in your area, I highly, highly recommend it.


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