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Thursday, November 22, 2007
I'd like to issue a retraction.

Not for me, of course, since I'm pretty much always right. I'd like to issue it for the Salem Statesman-Journal.

Several days ago, I read an article on their website about how the I-5 construction project to widen I-5 to three lanes in both direction through Salem from Hwy 22 to Kuebler would be completed by the day before Thanksgiving, just in time for the busy holiday.

This, as I experienced first hand, was simply not true.

TWO lanes heading north on I-5

As you can see in this picture, taken while stopped on the freeway between the Kuebler and Hwy 22 exits on I-5 today (Thanksgiving), you can clearly see not three but TWO lanes of traffic crawling north towards Portland. The two empty lanes to the left of us are, of course, empty unused lanes (thanks ODOT!) and then, on the very left, you can't really see but there are indeed three lanes of traffic heading south.

Fortunately, everyone from Salem heads south to Eugene for Thanksgiving, not north toward Portland. After all, Eugene is Oregon's largest city, right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I blame the unions :-) My trek to Seattle and back was on the other hand... quite bearable. Glad for good weather. Happy t-day.

1:03 PM, November 23, 2007  

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