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An excessively shrewd, expansive look at presidential candidates

Friday, November 16, 2007
From the mailbox of yours truly today comes possibly one of my favorite things of all time to emerge from the New York Times. This is an interactive look at the character of all the current presidential candidates, done in the style of an early 19th-century British author's "A Tabular Estimate of Some Leading Members of the House of Commons."

The idea is that each candidate is ranked in categories such as "intellectual capacity" and "temperament" using an impressive - and slightly humorous - range of adjectives. Describing the demeanors of Dennis Kucinich as "know-it-all" and Mitt Romney as "excessively wholesome"? Way too awesome for words. Even better is the description of temperaments: Barack Obama is "grumpy when tired" while Rudy Guiliani is "strong but disturbing". You can't usually buy this level of fun.

I'm going to say that it takes a lot of gumption to put something like this together - and even more to publish it for all to see on the internets. Still, enjoy it, laugh at it, and marvel in its cleverness.


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