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The importance of voting

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
If you live in Oregon you may have noticed that we're having a vote going on. On the docket are Measure 49 (revising Oregon's land-use laws) and Measure 50 (taxing smokers to pay for children's health care).

Today I attended a debate at the Willamette College of Law on the merits and drawbacks of Measure 49. Two alumni, each representing a side, gave a very interesting talk and I'm glad I attended. However, one said something that didn't sit well with me:
"Vote. Please. The most important thing you can do is vote!"
I disagree. We have enough people voting right now - and you can see where it got us. I believe that the most important thing you can do in a democracy is make an informed vote. The responsibility in a democracy is on the individual voters to understand and make intelligent decisions based on relevant information. Tragically, we don't seem to have enough of that currently.

So if you're reading this and eligible to vote, please do - but do so only after you understand what you're voting on.


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