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Weather Report

Monday, June 26, 2006
Yes, folks, it's damn hot outside. Monday morning at 8:45 and it already feels like it's 80 degrees, which isn't pleasant. It's supposed to top 100 degrees today, and if it didn't yesterday it sure felt like it.

Yesterday was nicely spent, though, beating the heat. We went to Vancouver Lake (just west of Vancouver) and went swimming, sat in the shade, read, picniced (is that a word), napped... all the fun things to do at a lake on a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon.

Of course, since I'm pasty-white it also means that I burned. Not badly, thank God, but my shoulders are a little red and my calves are very sensitive to touch. It'll fade soon enough, fortunately, but the pain persists and reminds me that not wearing even a minimal amount of sunscreen was a DUMB THING TO DO.

Today I get to work in my air-conditioned office but every time I go outside (and I do, from time to time) I'm reminded of how oppressive the heat can be. Oh well... it only happens around here for a couple weeks a year.


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