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Another peeve

Friday, June 09, 2006
I'd like to take a moment to mention another peeve of mine: People who don't identify themselves on the phone.

I guess in this day and age of prolific caller-ID it may be natural to assume that the person who picks up the phone knows who you are by the sound of your voice. But let me tell you this: when all I see is a phone number, and I don't talk to you on a daily basis, PLEASE DON'T ASSUME I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Case in point: today at work I got a call from a coworker I talk to once every couple of weeks. Caller ID didn't show his name, just his phone number. He just started talking, saying something like "Hey Burton, blah blah blah" without identifying himself (or pausing) so I was forced to deduce who he was by what he was talking about. How hard is it to say "Hey, Burton, it's [insert name here] and..." I've been mocked before for consistently identifying myself but it makes communication so much easier! Grrr....


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