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Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Friday, June 16, 2006
In the news today has been the passage by the House of Representatives tying the war in Iraq to the "War or Terror[ism]". I find this to be a rather interesting resolution because - in my mind - Iraq is more a part of our global anti-terrorism crusade since we invaded than it was before. Saddam may have peripherally supported terrorism during his reign but - at least by the amount of news articles that come across my desk - terrorism's link to Iraq has increased significantly since we invaded.

One quote from the article linked to above:
Republicans likely will use Democratic "no" votes to claim that their opponents don't support U.S. troops.
If you look back at posts I've written in the past, it's the same spin game over and over. Does no one learn? Hopefuly, the American public will be smart enough (yeah, right) to realize that NOT supporting a resolution tying our anti-terrorism war to our war in Iraq (and, incidentally, giving a solid "good job" to our troops) is NOT tantamount to not supporting our troops. Virtually every American hopes that our soldiers will remain safe, that they'll come home early, and that they'll come home in one live piece. However, most don't seem to think that this war is a good idea.

But the whole point of this post revolves around a 2004 article (published here) that shows that terrorsim related deaths have actually increased since we started taking a more active role in fighting it. So I maintain that while some in Congress think this resolution is a good idea, I personally think that perhaps that link is largely because we invaded.

Addendum: In searching the web for articles for my little write-up, I came across this website: Veterans Against the Iraq War. The top of their webpage proclaims "Support the troops, oppose the policy". Perhaps they "get it"?


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