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Movie Review: Peaceful Warrior

Saturday, June 10, 2006
We went and saw Peaceful Warrior last night downtown. The movie is about a college gymnast and his drive for success - until he meets a mysterious service station man who starts showing him how to change his mind.

The movie was very well done. The camerawork was stunning, as were the actual gymnastics that we see. There were a couple things that bothered me, though. First, the "training" done by "Socrates" (the only name we ever get for Nick Nolte's character) is done in a frustrating uncommunicative fashion. The other thing is that the main character rides a motorcycle, doesn't wear gloves, and almost never has to unstrap his helmet to take it off. Both are movie stereotypes, though, and don't dramatically tarnish the film.

Aside from those small issues the movie was enjoyable. The acting was solid, the gymnastics were incredible to watch, and some of the life lessons were very valid. One of the main points of the moive was that, in the world around us, "there's never nothing going on." It was interesting to watch the main character learn that, and the audience was brought along quite nicely.

The final word on Peaceful Warrior: Very worth seeing.


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