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Movie Review: Serenity

Monday, October 03, 2005
My blog, I can post what I want. I saw Serenity today with Mike and it was absolutely, positively great. Yes, better adjectives fail me. The movie was that good?

Let me speak on a topic I feel passionately about: science fiction. I like science fiction. Some of the stories I love most are Arthur C. Clarke's Rama series, or Isaac Asmiov's Robot series. These are stories that talk about humanity and they're wonderful metaphors for timeless problems that we (people) have faced for thousands of years and will likely face for thousands more. Science fiction movies build upon this by giving us a visual medium for our thoughts, allowing us to literally see another's vision for how the problems will play out in the future.

Serenity succeeds in being an excellent film because it does what good science fiction does: it tells a story about people. Unlike the abomination, Serenty tells a story, with all the whiz-bang effects supporting that story. The movie has characters that think, feel, anger - they even swashbuckle at times. It's a summoning of the good old days of science fiction, when the story was about the people and not the effects.

Please note that I saw Serenity without ever having seen Firefly, the show on which it was based. I'm told that fans of the show were not disappointed. I never saw the show and I was stunned with how easy it was to follow, given a huge back-story I knew nothing about.

Final word on Serenity: See it, even if it means selling your young on the black market.


Blogger The Infinite Jester said...

Did I, or did I not tell you to drop everything and see that movie two days ago? Never doubt me again.

6:33 AM, October 04, 2005  
Blogger Burton said...

You told me Sunday. About 3 hours later I made plans to see it the next day. Freakin' sue me.

... and Happy Birthday.

8:44 AM, October 04, 2005  

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