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Big Media

Friday, September 30, 2005
So NPR was running this report this morning on the Tribune Company, a media company that owns such minor journalistic endeavors as the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune and plenty more. Apparently the Tribune Company is in dire financial straits because of a) a billion-dollar judgement against them by the IRS, and b) because their operating profits are down. Not in the negative numbers, mind you, just not in the high mega-millions like they'd like.

So this is where I get to talk about Big Media, and how I'm not a fan of consolidation of large media companies. The problem with large media companies is that small media companies can't effectively afford to compete with them. You also tend to get a shrinking of coverage as they share news stories with each other, which leads to very few perspectives out there. I mean, half the news stories seem to come from the "Associated Press" anyway, which means that EVERYONE's printing the same news.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. We'll see what happens.


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