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Joining the ranks of the damned

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
By popular demand, I'm now signed up to play World of Warcraft. Damn near everyone I know is playing it, so I guess I'd better jump off this bridge, too.


I was never that into Blizzard's Warcraft to begin with. Warcraft II was kinda fun, but one of my all-time favorite games of theirs was Starcraft. Why couldn't they make a game called "Systems of Starcraft" or something like that? Fantasy-type books and games never really appealed to me - with the exception of Terry Pratchett's excellent Discworld. Even that is more of a commentary on our society than anything else. I enjoy science fiction far more than fantasy; I prefer the Ringworld to Middle Earth, I prefer the Foundation to... fantasy stuff.

A MMORPG based on Starcraft would be ultra-cool, with the terrans, the Protoss, and even the Zerg for those who want the hand-on feel of death and destruction.

Also, even cooler, would be one based on the Fallout series of games. Miniguns, rocket launchers, and a faithful dog named "Dogmeat". Does it get better?

Anyway, I hope to see some of you online!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

COOL people play Horde on the Garona server. Ben = Zarseem and Laura = Anconite.

8:06 AM, September 27, 2005  

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