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Church Meetings

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
I go to Westminster Presbyterian Chruch, and have since I was a wee lad. When I was in high school I served on the board of deacons and was basically the token young guy.

After college, I was asked to serve on session, which means I had to be an elder. So I was... as the token young guy. For the past (almost) three years, I've been going to so many meetings that I barely find time to go to church. Of course, I'm not a morning person, either, and I was in the minority vote for moving the worship time later.

Has this been a good experience? Yes. I feel that many of the experiences there have helped me grow as a person. I'm younger and slightly more conservative (hard not to be!) than most of the people on session and it was very intimidating at first. But I've learned how to speak up a little better, ask the questions that need to be asked, and disagree publicly without getting freaked out about it.

But my term is almost up, thank God. I'm kind of burned out (it happens to a lot) and the work is never-ending. Soon, though, I won't have to be on a committee for a while.


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