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God hates the south

Thursday, September 22, 2005
So now Rita's been well fed and is poised to wreak a level of havoc on Texas not seen since 1900 - and people haven't even been let back in New Orleans yet. God must hate the south.

Not to sound flippant, but these tragedies suck. I have to detach myself after a while, I find, from the news and the stories lest I become too deeply emotionally involved. The build-up is fun (everyone loves a good disaster), but then listening on the radio and on the news to all the horrific personal stories I just get overwhelmed by the suffering of so many individuals. I don't think I'll run for president ever - because I care about individuals too much. I get sucked in and can't get out.

Anyway, we'll see what Rita does to the Gulf of Mexico in the next 48 or so hours...


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