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Curious Comedy

Sunday, August 23, 2009
This weekend I was invited by some friends to join them in enjoying an improv comedy show at the new relatively new Curious Comedy Theater in northeast Portland. With an admission price of $12 per person, we were treated to a couple hours of live improv theatre.

Which was nice, I suppose.

Honestly, I wasn't incredibly impressed. It was funny, yes, but not riotously funny. It felt like there wasn't that gel that some improv teams have - almost forced at times.

However, I'm not going to be too critical. It was funny, it is a not-for-profit, and there's far more going on at this place other than just improv shows. It's got shows for kids, improv classes, and more. It is, in my opinion, a valuable addition to the community, and has that feeling of "really trying to get started" that I'm very forgiving of.

So, in summary, I wasn't impressed this time... but I have high hopes for the future.


Blogger Stacey said...

Hi Burton. Just came across this post for the first time. You ought to come back for our Hurly Burly Spectacular. I think you'll get the rush you are looking for! One last weekend and Saturday is looking like it will sell out - so get your tickets ahead!

6:50 PM, October 18, 2009  

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