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Sunday, June 28, 2009
So I got over my regular fear of commitment today long enough to ditch Verizon Wireless and sign up with AT&T and get a 32GB White iPhone 3GS.

white iPhone 3GS

This is something I've been wanting for literally two years now. Ever since the release of the iPhone, my "oooh, something shiny!" reflex has been twitching and, with the release of the 3GS (combined with the expiration of my Verizon contract much earlier this year) I determined that I was finally going to take the plunge.

This was not something undertaken lightly, however. I spent months researching network coverage, phone specifications, alternatives, and generally weighing the pros and cons of the whole thing. I'm not dissatisfied with Verizon's network; I seem to get reasonable coverage all the places I should be able to. I am, however, intensely dissatisfied with the price I have to pay to use the aforementioned network, the miserable selection of phones available through Verizon, the unreasonable amount of "restricted features" on those phones, the feeling of having been nicked-and-dimed by Verizon for the past 6+ years of being a customer, and the generally arrogance with which I, as a customer, feel that I'm treated.

And yet, many years ago, prior to being a Verizon customer, I was an AT&T customer. And, when I left, I swore that my life would be better off never having to deal with them again. By and large, I was. I can only console myself with the knowledge that it's really Cingular rebranding themselves. Right?

What drove this decision the most was phone functionality. I had an LG enV that I'd bought in January of 2007. I liked the phone; at the time is was quite advanced. I was constantly frustrated by Verizon's Mobile Web (being hideously expensive and mostly useless). The idea of having email at my fingertips was enticing, especially since - as phones usage goes - I make relatively few phone calls. So, with the determination that I was going to get a smartphone next, I pondered various options from Blackberry and weighed their benefits against my iPhone-is-shiny-and-plays-well-with-my-Macs instinct. The iPhone, as you've read, won quite handily.

So after a few hours of ownership I'm quite satisfied. Web browsing is fast, maps and email are quick to load, I have already downloaded several custom applications that make this almost as useful as a laptop, it syncs with my MobileMe, and the phone is generally slick. I'm happy with it!


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