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Snowshoeing in a snowstorm

Sunday, December 21, 2008
Yesterday, several of us climbed into my car (aka The Dentmobile) and, with cheap Wal-Mart chains on the tires, clawed our way up to Mt. Hood and went snowshoeing around at Trillium Lake.

The drive was... interesting. I'll admit that I tend to avoid low-traction conditions as much as possible and finally putting the chains on my car and braving the drifting snow was exciting. However, since the snow was so dry it wasn't really piling up on the road. There were patches of snow, with some ice, and I more-or-less needed the chains, but I was driving for about two or three hours each way with them on the car. That works out to a lot of driving.

Snowshoeing in fresh snow is awesome. We were on groomed trails, but even then the snowshoes were handy (and, being us, we frequently went off the trail to play in the waist-deep snow. We were only out for a few hours, mainly due to travel time and a desire to get back on the road before dark. With all that fresh, dry snow, we also didn't get a chance to have a real snowball fight - though that didn't stop us from throwing snow around.

Coming back, we stopped for dinner at Calamity Jane's in Sandy. The stop, though, meant that the drive from Sandy back to Portland was done mostly in the dark, which - I'll admit - got pretty stressful with the blizzard conditions that were blowing into town. Making it home safely makes this a story of fun!


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