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Saturday, February 16, 2008
It was my girlfriend's idea to run in the Eugene Couples Classic 5k today. It was the second 5k I've run (in my adult life, at least) and we had a blast doing it. Also notable was my time: 30 minutes, 30 seconds. Significantly better than my last recorded time of 33 minutes even (though I swear that's slightly inflated.)

Picture of us at the 2008 Eugene Couples Classic

The idea of the Couples Classic is fun; two people can register as a couple and they get placed in a bracket and scored by their combined times; in our bracket we were 12th out of 17. Not bad, especially considering that I'm not very fast. Our pace was awesome, though. Averaged out, we were doing about a 9:49 mile (just over 6 miles per hour, pretty good for me) but our first mile was something like 10:24 - each successive mile was faster than the previous one.

I enjoy running, though I'm obviously not great at it. It's good exercise, keeps me in decent shape, and allows me to cross distances in a hurry if I need to. (You never know when that'll come in handy!)


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