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God Bless Patrick Leahy

Friday, January 25, 2008
I've commented before that I have a lot of respect for the Senate Judiciary Committee, especially Senators Patrick Leahy and Arlen Specter. Well, that respect was just justified again in an article on the ongoing FISA reform debate.

Patrick Leahy is quoted as saying, "Lets not be so frightened out of our minds by terrorism.... We go back to the situation we had when I first got here in the Watergate era when the government was spying on people... we don't want to go back to that time."

Perhaps it's just me living safely on the left coast over here, but I really feel like Patrick Leahy "gets it." And by "gets it" I mean "is on the side of the American people." Both he and Arlen Specter (who is mentioned as also balking at giving phone companies immunity for being a little too proactive) once again earn my respect for being willing to temper national security concerns with the concept of "what are we really protecting, anyway?"

Now let's pray that we can keep reasonable minds like these in office.


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