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Portland Auto Show 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008
This weekend I again visited the Portland Auto Show, held annually at the Oregon Convention Center.

There were a few cars that I saw that I liked (that I haven't seen before):
  • Suzuki SX-4 - inexpensive, all-wheel drive, manual transmission, and decent fuel economy. Features I want my next car to have!

  • Saturn Astra - decent looking little car, I'd be willing to consider it.

There were also several cars that I liked that I have seen before:
  • Mini Cooper S Convertible - I could own one of these and be happy.

  • Saturn Sky- gorgeous car that feels right (though it's a pain to get in and out of!)

  • Cadillac CTS - didn't sit in it this year (the line was too long) but damn it's good looking!

  • Scion tc - Still a car that's "on my list".

Me in a Saturn Sky

And last, but not least, there were several cars that I wasn't impressed by at all. Two that stood out:
  • Chevy Cobalt - this car looked and felt cheap, despite costing more than cars that seemed better.

  • Ford Focus - I actually liked the previous generation more.

In summary, I had a great time. My girlfriend and I walked through and she put up with my demands to "give American cars a chance," I put up with her Toyota obsession, and we both made fun of the highly ostentatious Lexus exhibit. (Who brings a baby grand piano and has a pianist playing classical music at an auto show?) However, she happened to notice one highly awesome sign that we walked past. Notice anything wrong with it?



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