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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
The local grocery store near me is a Safeway, and I noticed that they do something rather unique in my grocery shopping experience. (My experience is limited, though, so let me know if others do this.) They have charities that they encourage others to support, and the cashiers will ask a simple question:
Would you like to donate $.xx to Y?
(Where Y is the charity of the month and $.xx is the amount that would round your purchase to the nearest dollar.)

I love this!

While this does fit the popular definition of micropayments, it also reminds me of the Superman/Office Space idea - to some degree, at least. They're collecting a fraction of my transaction, the "change", if you will, that's left over (even when I use a debit card) and I would gladly give it for breast cancer research, prostate cancer research, or whatever the charity is. (Though, at some point, I suppose I should call Safeway and see if they take a percentage for administrative costs.)

Anyway, I hope you all, if given a chance, throw your change their way.


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